How can I get the computer to you?

If the computer is within our service , we can pick it up at your home or office for a small fee.

You can also drop off your computer with us in West Boise.

If you are outside the state or out of the Treasure Valley we can arrange to have the machines picked up through a delivery service.  Fees will vary.

What kind of computers do you work on?

We work on laptops and desktops of both windows and IOS operating systems.

Can you work on the computer at my home or office?

We can work on your computer at your home or office but we aware that it may take several hours to troubleshoot and remove pesky malware.  Our onsite service starts at $50 a hour.

Can you setup my wireless network?

We can help your setup your wireless network to provide am optimum wireless signal in your home and make sure your network is secure.

Can you help me purchase and setup computer accessories like printers and scanners?

We can provide consultation to determine what accessories you need for your computer and install them for you.

Can you help me upgrade my computer?

Yes, we can look over what you have now and make our recommendation on what to get and whether an upgrade would be worth it verse buying a new computer.  However laptops are somewhat limited on what you can upgrade In them to get better performance.

My computer is running slow and there are boxes popping up with ads.

This is typically caused by malware and viruses on your computer.  We can provide removal of the infections and get your computer back to the way it was.

I accidently deleted all my photos and documents.

No need to worry, just shut your computer down and give us a call.  Usually we can recover all your deleted files.  It is important to shut down the computer after it happens as you don’t want to overwrite the deleted files which would make recovery impossible.  We can also recover files from photo memory cards.

My hard drive is clicking and I cannot access my files what should I do?

This is a sign of a bad hard drive.  You need to shut the computer down immediately and give us a call.  We have a good percentage rate of recovery of files on bad hard drives.  We can also recover data on bad SD cards and portable hard drives used for backup.

Can you provide help over the phone or help my computer remotely?

We can certainly provide you tech support over the phone to try to solve your problem and sometimes remotely diagnose your computer over the internet.  Depending on the scope of the problem and the answers you need, you will be provided with a flat rate cost for the phone call.

What are your repair prices?

All of our jobs are priced by the scope of the actual job except for the virus / malware removal which is on our pricing page,  For all other issues just give us a call or email us with the problem and we can give you a competitive estimate.  You can be assured our estimate will be lower than our big box repair competitors.

What is your process in designing a new website?

The process is quite simple, we will ask you questions about your company and the goals you have in mind for your new website.  We will go over features that you might want to include such as setting up a e-commerce platform to sell your services or products.

We will also go over your current hosting requirements or suggest a new host for your website if you do not have one already.

Once we have all the information we will start building your site and work with you during the design process and make any changes that you want to make.  Once we are done we will work with you to show you how your site functions and provide instruction to maintain the site,

What are your prices and down payments?

Every job is different and every company will have different wants and needs for their site.  We will deliver a custom quote from the information we obtain from your during our free consultation.

We require 50% down and 50% when the job is done.  When the job is completed and final payment is received we will give you the administrative login and password to your website.

How long does it take to get the website online?

It can vary between 2 to 6 weeks.  It will be a shorter time frame If you already have your own content and longer if we have to write the content for your site.

Can you do all my web maintenance and updates for me?

We do offer support contracts for your website maintenance on a per monthly basis or per year.  Fees will vary by the amount of maintenance work involved.

Can you create custom forms on my current website?

We have a variety of ways to add forms to your website including the ability to take payments via the form.

Can you create a custom app for our company?

Along with having a fully responsive design for your website where your customers and clients will be able to view your site on a variety of devices.  We also offer custom company apps in both IOS and android operating systems where your company can increase your marketing by being on the google play store and the apple store.

Custom App pricing starts at $199.

Can you create a new corporate identity kit?

We can create logos, custom letterhead, business cards, while using a consistent color scheme that matches your vision for your new company’s branding.

Do you do logo design?

We will talk with your to see what your vision you are looking for in a new logo and come up with a few designs to choose from.  We will then fine tune them per your instructions.


Logo Design starts at $50

What is your company's experience in providing services to photographers?

We have two seasoned wedding and portrait photographers on our staff that have a variety skills in culling, editing, and processing photos.

Can you cull and process our raw images?

Our experts will cull and process your photos to your liking.

Cull and process to jpg starts at $0.31 per image.

How do I get my images to you?

If there are a lot of images we suggest putting them on a portable drive and sending us the drive via a courier services like FedEx or UPS.  If you do not have that many you can upload them to a dropbox for us to download.

Do you do custom edits?

Our experienced Photoshop gurus can work magic with your photos.

Custom editing starts at $45 per hour.

Can you setup machforms on our website?

Yes we can, once we get all your information we can have you up and running in 15 minutes.

Can you help me with my website?

We have been worked with many photographers throughout the years to create some pretty amazing website.  Inquire through our contact tab.

How important is Search Engine Optimization?

90% of the traffic on the internet come from Google and google is constantly making changes on how sites will rank.  It is so important to rank within the first few pages of google as that is where your business comes from.  We can work with you to create a cost efficient way get your site ranked higher and get you those potential customers.

When will I see some results?

You will begin to see results within 3 months.

What is the cost?

Prices start at $75 a month.

If there is anything that was not answered in our FAQ.  Please send us a message and someone will get back to within 24 hours.

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